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Cheddar Easy Deluxe, 30lb

For Cheese Corn with the most Cheddar Cheese taste, try our Deluxe Cheddar Easy. To prepare, melt Deluxe Cheddar Easy in a typical water bath food warmer. Then, measure about two cups of the melted liquid onto a five-gallon measure of popped corn either tumble or mix in the Cheddar Easy machine (or the Corn Treat Cooker Mixer if it's cool enough). An alternate method is to use two scoops from the pail into a warm Corn Treat Center during the cool down. Add 5 gallons of regular popped corn and mix with the heat off until it's evenly coated. No need to melt the cheese first, just work fast so you don't burn the cheese.

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  GM2390 Cheddar Easy, Deluxe, 30lb $139.95