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Heap O Corn Bags - 6 oz, 30", 100\sleeve

If you really want to increase your popcorn tonnage, at least two sizes of these Heap O'Popcorn Bags.this produc is well displayed and will amaze you! The 18 and 30 Heap O Corn Bags (46 and 76 cm) each hold 3 oz. and 6 1/2 oz respectively. Heap O Corn Popcorn showed us that big sizes of popcorn really sell. So we now have even bigger ones; the 14 oz. and 28 oz., which are truly ''Giant Party Size Packs,'' and will rake in many extra dollars for you. We'll be glad to send samples to convince you. The long and skinny 18'' and 30'' (46 and 76 cm) bags are only 7'' (18 cm) wide, so a Filler Funnel makes loading faster and easier.

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  GM2079 Heap O Corn Bags 6 Oz 30 In 100\sleeve
Quantity Pricing: 10 @ 8.17