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Corn Treat Mixes & Flavors

You'll like the improved Corn Treat Flavor Mixes - packed in plastic jars, and now quicker dissolving. By using our Basic Corn Treats Mix plus the Flavor Mix, you can produce over 30 flavors of candy-coated popcorn. You'll find our flavors superior to all others, and we give you just the right amount of color, too. Use 1/4 cup per batch - each jar does about 15 batches.

 SKU #DescriptionPriceQuantity
  GM2281 Banana $18.99
  GM2439 Birthday Cake $18.99
  GM2287 Black Cherry $18.99
  GM2290 Blue Raspberry $18.99
  GM2316 Blueberry $18.99
  GM2468 Flavor Only - Bubble Gum $18.99
  GM2283 Grape $18.99
  GM2294 Green Apple $18.99
  GM2305 Lemon $18.99
  GM2288 Orange $18.99
  GM2300 Pina Colada $18.99
  GM2307 Red Cherry $18.99
  GM2286 Red Cinnamon $18.99
  GM2285 Strawberry $18.99
  GM2293 Toffee $18.99
  GM2299 Vanilla $18.99
  GM2284 Watermelon $18.99
  GM2096 Basic Corn Treat Mix, 12-22 oz Pouches $46.99
  GM2094 Caramel Corn Treat Mix,12-22 oz Pouches $45.95
  GM2090 Chocolate Corn Treat Mix, 12-22 oz Pouches $62.50
  GM2096BL Basic Corn Treat Mix, Bulk 40 lb $92.95
  GM2094BL Caramel Corn Treat Mix,Bulk 40 lb $96.90