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Mega Floss

Improved Production Again! #GM3016 Mega Floss Machine Now the high performance of the Tornado and the reliability and versatility of the Econo Floss are combined into a 7" (18 cm) diameter single band/ribbon Cotton Candy machine! Comes complete with a 25" (64 cm) Aluminum Floss Bowl and Whirl Grip, as illustrated. Draws about 10.5 Amps. Special Hot Shot Ribbon is different from a Tornado Ribbon. Plugs into virtually any 15 Amp line. Easily produces 30% more floss than Econo Floss or Floss Boss. 1/12 HP, heavy-duty motor. 3450 RPM on 60 Hz. Fits virtually any floss stand shown in this section. Special 7" (18 cm) ribbon. 1250 Watts, 120 Volts. 230 Volt, 50 Hz version available as a #GM3016EX. Shipping weight 47 lbs. in two cart

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  GM3016-00-000 Mega Floss $885.00