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Shavatron Ice Shaver

Improved ''Power Wedge'' Automatic Feed; Safety Inter-Lock for operator protection; 300% larger hopper opening; quiet, geared belt drive system; shaves almost every type of ice; larger ice case... user- friendly. The famous Shavatron received a lot of engineering improvements and now is a vastly improved ''automatic'' machine. Hopper takes almost a full 5- gallon pail of cubes or cracked ice and shaves it into the finest ice you could ever want. Even set the blades finer to make ''Shave Ice''. Stainless steel dome; imitation ''neon'' lighted sign in the header. The Shavatron is a powerful machine, designed to make huge Sno-Kone profits - or, with a slightly finer blade setting, Shave Ice profits. Three large blades in the shaver head turning at just over 300 RPM enable you to plane snow off of the ice chunks in the hopper and you can make a lot of beautiful snow with a Shavatron! #GM1020 Shavatron Ice Shaver, 28''W x 20''D x 33 1/2''H (71W x 51 x 85 cm), operates on 800 Watts, 6.7 Amps, 120 Volts. (#GM1020EX also available for 230V~, 50 Hz). Powered by 1/3 HP motor with silent cog-belt drive, no gears to wear out. Shipping weight 146 lbs.

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  GM1020-00-100 Shavatron Ice Shaver $2920.00