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Fry Cutter - Motorized

The hottest fried fun food on the midways is now Ribbon Fries. You can?t buy these at the supermarket like the Spiral Fry. Simply put a clean, unpeeled Idaho potato on the ''drive plate''. Next, turn the motor on and advance the motor box compartment toward the potato and blade and watch the ribbons come out ? one continuous ''Ribbon Fry'', then deep fry it ? top with a little Cajun Spice or other flavor! Retails for $2.50 to $3.50. You give them all of what you get on one potato. And charge accordingly! This is one of the most profitable fried foods on the midway! Also, try ''Fried Apples''. Take the stem out ? set the apple on the drive plate, turn the motor and push the drive box and the apple toward the blade and watch the Ribbon Apple come out. Then fry it, bread it or do whatever you want with it. They love Ribbon Fried Apples, too!!

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  GM5280M Fry Cutter - Motorized $459.95