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Sno-Konette Ice Shaver

#GM1003 UL listed Sno-Konette Ice Shaver The ''Sno-Konette'' was the world's first complete ice shaver with display case. It began it's life back in 1947 and has been improved dozens and dozens of times! The Sno-Konette/Shav-A-Doo family of Ice Shavers has a model that's right for you. The Sno-Konette features a one- third HP, 1725 RPM high-speed shaver mounted on an extruded aluminum cabinet with tempered glass windows. The stainless steel ''motor box'' effectively hides the motor. The switches are mounted in the box. To operate, simply lift the pusher handle, fill the gooseneck shaped tubular casting with chunks of ice, turn on the motor and pull the handle to provide gentle pressure against the shaving head. You can vary the fineness of the finished snow by using colder ice, putting less pressure, or setting the blades to shave more finely. The Sno-Konette is still the world's leading Ice Shaver - with the profit in Sno-Kones, a Sno-Konette could very well pay for itself in one busy afternoon. Shaves over 500 lbs. per hour if you can sell that much! Accessories included in the Sno- Konette price are the cup dispenser, Sno-Kone Dipper, Ice Scoop and Drain Pan. #GM1003 Regular Sno-Konette UL listed, 22'' W x 16'' D x 19'' H, (56W x 41D x 48H CM) 7 1/2 Amps, 120 Volts. Ship wt. 69 lbs. Can not ship via UPS.

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  GM1003S Sno-Konette Ice Shaver $834.00