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Lemon Squeezer

Lemonade Shake Ups are little more than ''fresh made Lemonade''. The ''flash that gets the cash'' is the action of squeezing half of a good size lemon in Model #GM5312 Lemon Squeezer. The juice goes into the cup. Add a couple of ounces of Neutral Slush Base, a generous amount of ice and a little water. Place the cocktail shaker over the cup and shake vigorously. Hard work? Yes, but a 20¢ to 25¢ food cost maximum turns into $1.50 minimum retail ? in the larger cup, $2.00! You can see how quickly this setup pays for itself. On a hot summer day, you will sell them as fast as you can make them! #GM5312 Lemon Squeezer Cast aluminum alloy. Shipping weight 10 lbs.

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  GM5312 Lemon Squeezer $145.00