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King Dog Foot Long Fryer

The #GM8068FL will take a full 12'' long (30 cm) ''foot long'' Corn Dog. Today, the 12'' (30 cm) ''foot long'' is the most popular Corn Dog on the midway! It sells for a premium price ? and the #GM8068FL is the only fryer that can cookit. The Hot Dog and Sausage Council says that any Hot Dog 7'' (18 cm) or longer can be called a ''foot long.'' You can purchase Hot Dogs in virtually any length ? but only recently has the 12'' taken over the number one position. ,So plan ahead - plan for the best sales ? make sure your concession trailer or Corn Dog joint is equipped with one or more #GM8068FL King Dog, 12'' long (30 cm) Corn Dog Fryers. Shortening capacity in the #GM8068FL is littleover 60 lbs. 5750 Watts, 230 Volt heating element only. Unit is shipped with two, six-position SkewerClips.

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  GM8068FL King Dog Foot Long Fryer $1109.00