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Pralinator, 120 Volt

Yes, the Pralinator produces 2 lb. size batches of finished nuts approximately three times every hour. Requires only 110 1/2 sq. in. of counter space ? fits in virtually any place. Many of the smart operators own both Pralinators. Some spots do not have 220 Volt available, so the aroma of freshly cooking sugar and spice nuts acts as the flash that draws the customers. You supplement with additional Product you have produced elsewhere and have packaged for sale. Use approximately one large cup of nuts (about 20 oz.); plus a pouch of #GM4503 mix, plus 6 oz. of Vanilla Water (a three-to-one dilution of Uncle Dave?s Imitation Vanilla,{gives a 4 lb. yield}). The first batch takes upwards of 25 minutes ? a little quicker thereafter. #GM2180NS ''Universal'' Pralinator 1907 Watts, 120 Volts. Plugs in anywhere. Shipping weight approximately 70 lbs. Shown with #GM2424 Base Unit. The Pralinator mounts directly to a counter without requiring any other base unit or mounting plate.

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  GM2180ER Pralinator, 120 Volt $3275.00