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Olde New Orleans Block Ice Shaver

"Olde New Orleans" means extra finely shaved snow! They call them "Snow Balls" down in the Crescent City. Ice this fine is called Shave Ice every place else. This is one of the most powerful ice shavers in the world. Features a 3/4 HP motor. A "V Belt" pulley reduces the motor speed down to about 350 RPM. The large three-blade shaver head planes snow off of the larger block and delivers it from the chute at the lower right hand corner of the body. The Model #1008 Foot Switch is a very handy addition. To operate the #1087, put a 6 to 12lb block of clear ice into the ice block compartment. The front door has a "safety switch" to protect the operator until the cast aluminum door is safely locked in the closed position! The heavy-duty lever on the left-hand side allows the operator to rachet the handle to apply pressure. The more pressure, the coarser the ice - light pressure provides a finer snow. The model #1087 is shipped complete with the catch basin and the 8oz. Sno-Kone Dipper - the right size for producing a #1407 Hawaii's Finest Shave Ice Cup full of snow. Order the containers, plus the Point-Of-Purchase material and start enjoying Shave Ice profits from the "Olde New Orleans" Block Ice Shaver. #1087DC 24 Volt model available. Ask for details. 33"W x 11.5"D x 31"H. 3/4 Hp. Ideal ice block size: 5.5" x 5.5" x 15" max. 115 Volts, 68 Hz. ABS Plastic Drip Pan Included, 32"W x 22"D x 3"H.

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