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48 oz Enclosed Cornado w/Pump

First introduced in 1971, thousands of Cornado poppers have become the profit foundation in theatres, arenas, auditoriums, stadiums, midways, amusement parks - wherever large quantities of perfectly popped popcorn can be sold! The Cornado steel kettle is the most durable in the industry - the heavy chrome plating is applied by the most skilled creftsman in the Great Lakes States area! Now, all Cornado Poppers are equipped with the Big Eye Electronic Heat Control to ensure beter tasting corn - as well as better popping performance - and longer life on the heat control. No thermostats to wear out. All Cornados feature the Brute Force heavy-duty kettle drive motor. Cornado machines are available with two-color neon in the header and fire suppression systems that effectively eliminate the extra expense of vent hoods with fire drop hardware. The Bag-in-a-Box pump features the Swiss-made high quality pump - everything about the Cornado is engineered to be the best popcorn popper money can buy! 48"W x 30"D x 74"H, operates on 7360 watts, 31.5 amps, 120/240 volts or 120/208 volts.

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  GM2228ED 48 oz Enclosed Cornado w/Pump $10300.00