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Whirlwind Deluxe

Since 1962, the Deluxe Whirlwind has featured the built-in Lotta Volts Booster System. The variable heat control today is a solid stage, electronic control. The Deluxe Whirlwind is the favorite of the pro who likes to make three color floss on the midway--you'll see these more successful operators working in a concession trailer with three Deluxe Whirlwinds. The fixed transformer plus the variable heat control allows you to both boost or buck line voltage to secure the exact voltage you need to optimize the output of your Deluxe Whirlwind. 3415 rpm, 1/3 horsepower sealed ball bearing motor. 3300 watts. 25 amps. 120 volts, 60HZ. Dimensions: 18.5"H x 26"W x 28.5"D (47 cm x 66 cm x 72 cm) Electrical Specifications: 120V,60Hz,27.5Amps,3300 Watts Ship Weight: 69 lbs.

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  GM3008ED Whirlwind Deluxe $1650.00