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Add the perfect decorative and flavor combination to your desserts.

 SKU #DescriptionPriceQuantity
  B287 Topping, Bacio/Chocolate Hazelnut, 3.5kg pail $55.00
  B210 Topping, Blueberry, 1kg bottle $11.00
  B280 Topping, Cabernet 1kg bottle $19.00
  B220 Topping, Caffe Coffee, 1kg bottle $11.00
  B230 Topping, Caramel, 1kg bottle $11.00
  B231 Topping, Caramel Latte, 1kg bottle $17.00
  B260 Topping, Chocolate Chip, 1kg bottle $14.30
  B290 Topping, Coffee Mocha, 5kg pail $84.00
  B284 Topping, Flambe of Banana, 1kg bottle $17.00
  B282 Topping, Flambe of Berries, 1kg bottle $17.00
  B200 Topping, Sour Cherry, 1kg bottle $11.00
  B270 Topping, Strawberry, 1kg bottle $11.00
  B275 Topping, Limoncello, 1kg bottle $17.00
  B292 Topping, Balsamic, 1kg bottle $17.00

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