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UC-191 G

UC-191 machines will outperform any comparable soft serve dispenser. Lowest power consumption and the least amount of components to clean. Unique cylinder construction delivers better results using less electricity. Flexibility: Soft Serve ice cream, frozen yogurt, custard, or sorbet. Pump version saves prep time - just pour ingredients into hopper. Flexibility: Customizable front panel. Upgrade from stickers to a fully personalizable cover. This unique option - only from Carpigiani - enhances your store image and won't scratch off because it's printed on the inside of the cover. Flexibility: Gravity fed or pump models. Air or water cooled. Heat treatment option. UC-191 G/P Counter Model Soft-Serve Freezer UC-191 G/P soft-serve freezers Features & Benefits • Enclosed exhaust chimney needs minimal side and rear clearance - just 3inches! • Large hoppers rival floor-standing models -- Increased production time -- Less hopper refilling • Large-capacity cylinder -- Advanced design - fixed overrun -- Rear feed eliminates need to prime during opening procedures - less waste • Easy cleaning saves time -- Fewer parts to clean -- Gravity model features 1 piece auger -- Full cleaning required only every 14 days in heat treatment models • Superior engineering -- Hot gas technology reduces stress on components -- Independent pump transmissions help extend pump and gear life