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Carpigiani Whipped Topping Dispensers are highly versatile and very efficient. These units can cut your whipped topping costs by up to 40%. They are perfect for dispensing whipped cream as a topping, as well as for decorating cakes and making specialty frozen desserts. Unlike most whipped topping systems, our Kwik Whippers feature a patented pressure system that requires no gas propellants. Thanks to the continuous refrigeration, your product will hold its peak for more than 24 hours. Kwik Whipper models work perfectly with both heavy cream and vegetable-based products. They are also flavor-flexible, and capable of producing superior quality mousse and spumone. They are compact, self-contained, and ready to work - all you have to do is place your KW on your counter and plug it in! The KW-77 model has a tank size of 6 quarts, an hourly production rate of 40 gallons of whipped cream an hour, and is fully automatic. In the picture this model is on the right side.