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UF-263 G

The high performance Carpigiani UF-263 Soft Serve freezer combines state-of-the-art design and technology with simple and efficient operation. The UF-263 provides high production for two individual flavors of frozen dessert and combination twist. This freezer will outperform any comparably-sized freezer. Designed to allow the greatest flexibility when changing products. WIll serve ice cream, custard, water ice, yogurts, sherbets in any combination. Features include: Exclusive New Hot Gas Technology; Seperate touchpad controls for each cylinder lets you make combination twists of differing products; Labor saving gravity mix feed system offers simple operation and smoother, creamier product; Unique freezing cylinder optimizes refrigeration efficiency; Standby/energy conservation switch reduces operation costs during idle periods; Low mix indicator lights with audible signal; Self-monitoring system minimizes costly errors; Built-in memory stores information to facilitate repairs; Fewest parts to clean in the industry

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  UF-263G UF-263 G - Double Flavor Twist Floor Model $19610.00